SIA Service srl | Services on yards
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Services on yards

Oil & Gas

SIA Service provides support on construction or service of natural gas liquefaction (LNG) and reinjection, fertilizers production, power generation and refineries plants through qualified and higly skilled professionals with proven multy-years experience in Oil&Gas field that relying on their acquired technical background and language proficiency (english, french, spanish) covers key role within foreign customers who puts safety first just like us.

Support and coordination

Construction, maintenance, commissioning and LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) activities are supervised with high professionality for their whole duration with respect to the most restrictive safety regulations and in perspective of continuos improvement

SIA Service works together with their clients in Italy and abrod providing all necessary support even during the unlikely event of an accident to investigate with the purpose of tracing the root cause and avoid recurrence.

Our site safety expert professionals ensure:

  • Support and Advice to Clients and professionals for drafting and application of Safety Plans
  • Support and advice to Contractor for drafting and application of Operative Safety Plans
  • Training on health and safety to construction contractors: Training aimed at Site managers, Technical directors, supervisors and all involved workers
  • Audits at sites to ensure managers respect of safety rules and best working conditions
  • Audits on machinery and equipment to ensure mandatory safety requirements

Documentation issuing – Sites and contruction yards

We can provide sets of documents as below

  • Safety plans
  • Safety procedures for specific activities (safety method of statement)
  • Detailed tasks specific safety cards (Job Safety Analisys for work permit application)
  • Safety operative procedures for specific activities
  • Safety cards for each working phase – Job Safety Analisys JSA for permit to work release
  • Machinery specific safety cards


Safety coordinator for the Project phase is responsible to prepare and update Safety coordination plan which is the site document containing all the information needed as work preparations, SIMOPS risk assessment etc. and the technical documentaion file that includes all necessary informations for prevention and protection from project related risks


Safety coordinator during Execution phase verifies compliance with safety plan and coordination beetween contractors, for the whole project duration, with appropriate actions and control measures to be applied on work procedures.


All above documents can be issued, other than italian, in english, french and spanish according to site specific request.